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What is a SWMS / Safe Work Method Statement and why do you need one?

A Safe Work Method Statement or abbreviated as SWMS, is a document outlining the hazards and risk activities to be carried out at a workplace and what measures to establish to manage and control the risks safely. It may be a requirement as part of your compliance activities.

WHS regulations define SWMS as required for high risk construction work activities. A person conducting a business or carrying out any high risk work in connection with a construction project is required to ensure that a SWMS is prepared before the proposed work starts and to ensure that the high risk construction work is carried out in accordance with the SWMS. They must also ensure that the SWMS is given to the principal contractor before the work starts and keep a copy of it themselves.

A SWMS is a living document that evolves and is updated over time from consultation with co-workers, contractors or others involved in the workplace activity and is all about making sure everyone involved in high risk construction work understands the requirements that have been established to carry out the work in a safe manner.
The SWMS sets out the work activities in sequence, lists and explains hazards and describes measures to control risks.

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